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FeedDemon is a RSS reader that will keep you updated with your favorite sites
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RSS feeds allow the web 2.0 sites to inform you when they post new content. Instead of visiting your favorite websites to check for new content, you can simply subscribe to their RSS feeds. This is also a completely private solution, as the websites you subscribe to won’t be able to find out anything about you and your browsing habits.

FeedDemon is a tool that enables you to read RSS feed directly from your desktop, so you can browse information from a large number of web sites without having to visit them to find out what's new. The application shows the new items in newspaper format to make it easy for you to read them. One great thing about this piece of software is that you are able login with your “Google Reader” account and then synchronize the two services. You will be able to access within the application the content you previously used to read by visiting Google Reader.

FeedDemon can also watch the RSS feeds for items which contain particular keywords, notifying you about the news of your interest. It has an easy-to-use interface from where you can read, share, tag and search for the RSS feeds in a simple and convenient manner.

This application will keep you updated on your stories of interest and will certainly meet your needs.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fast synchronization process with Google Reader


  • Unable to open "newspaper styles" created with earlier versions of the program
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